Gill lice, a parasite once thought to only attack brook trout, have now been found in rainbow trout in North Carolina.  Here is the official press release from the North Carolina Wildlife Commission.  You can help prevent the spread of parasites like gill lice and diseases like whirling disease by taking care to clean your gear throughly after each visit to the water.  Check the NCWC’s Angler Gear Page for specific instructions they suggest.

Whirling disease was found in several rainbow trout in Watauga River watershed.  Here is the official press release from the North Carolina Wildlife Commission.

The Fish Kill on North Fork:  All advisories on the affected pieces of water on North Fork from the spill from Coats have been lifted at this time.  For a recap of the event, read this article from the McDowell news.

House Bill 795:  TRTU would encourage you to stand with our organization and others like ours, as well as other environmentally-concerned citizens regarding the revision of of the State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA) under House Bill 795.  You can view one of our partner organizations’ letter to legislators as you form your own opinion and hopefully craft an informed response to your representatives.

Results of Recent PCB Testing in Lake James:  TRTU would encourage you to read and be aware of these reports.

Water Allocation Plans Concerning the Catawba River System:  TRTU invites you to strongly avail yourself to these plans and make your voice heard regarding these issues

Please see the reports below for information on the current water supply planning issues for the Catawba-Wateree River Basin.

Catawba-Wateree River Basin WSMP Report_Draft_040814

Catawba-Wateree River Basin WSMP Attachments_040814

Catawba Riverkeeper Letter to Water Management Group