Check back on this page often, as we’ll be updating with new patterns all the time–or as we have them!  Check our video page for fly-tying tutorials on some of these and other flies.


Zimmerman’s “Pink Comp Jigs”–these svelte patterns are loaded with a tungsten bead and very little body material.  They dive straight to the bottom.  As they’re tied on jig hooks, they ride point up, avoiding numerous snags with the bottom.  Top is John’s simple BWO with a hot spot rear; bottom left is John’s Pink Sexy Walt’s; bottom right is John’s Pink Lady–brown thread for the body, pink Sulky for the ribbing.  The pink beads….well…if you’re not fishing pink beads…you need to!


The Sexy Walt’s fly is a must in all angler boxes.  They can be tied on any nymph hook, but John prefers them on a jig hook to avoid too many snags.  They can be tied in all colors.  They are incredibly effective on picky fish.  Try them out in 12s-16s.


Maybe the most productive fly in any guide’s box in western North Carolina–fish the Squirmy Wormy.  It really isn’t wrong!


Zimmerman’s DH Destroyer–John thinks that very often DH fish don’t know what to eat, so you have to over do it on things like flash and movement.  This fly wrecks new DH stockers.


Zimmerman’s Inchworm is BrownTrout Candy during the late spring and summer when the “kerplops” of inch worms falling from the trees and their silk spindles fill the soundscape of mountain streams.


Dave Hise’s Waxy the Waxworm has become one of VP John Zimmerman’s favorite flies.  It’s absolutely deadly!


Zimmerman’s Sulphur Triple Threat:  This fly combines three of John’s favorite sulphur attractants–a sparse antron tail for a shuck and the effects of both CDC and Elk Hair for the comparadun wing.  Tip:  Always, always wrap a few turns back onto your CDC/hairwings…you want them to point back a little bit.  There really is a big difference in the look under the water.


Mike’s Meal Ticket may be the best streamer ever tied.  John really loves the fly in brown and orange combination and green and red combinations–think baby brown trout and baby rainbow trout color spectrums.


If it’s not, Dave Hise’s Sumpin’ Ugly Sculpin is!