TRTU Vice-President John Zimmerman has shared with us these tutorials on some great patterns.  Check back often for updates.  Have a pattern you want a tutorial for tying?  E-mail John at, and we’ll get on it and let you know when it’s ready!

FlyMen Evolution Bead and a Girdlebug

FlyMen Evolution Bead and a Sexy Walts

FlyMen Evolution Bead and a Frenchie

Holy Grail Meets Sexy Walt’s

Rainbow Warrior

BIG Golden Stone

Rabbit Jig

UCA’s Golden Stone Jig

Mop Fly


Hends Body Quill Jig Flies

UCA’s “Burning Ring of Fire”

Three for One Special:  Sexy Walt’s, Squirmy Wormy, Frenchie

UCA CDC and Deer Caddis Fly

Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail

John’s Brown Trout Candy–AKA:  The Inchworm

John’s Version of the Hawkin’s Triple Bunny

John’s version of Dave Hise’s Sumpin’ Ugly Sculpin