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Bo  Cash
275  Double  Eagle  Drive
Nebo    NC     28761

After completing the first chapter in 1986, a finished book is my hands.  The title is:  Water Under the Bridge, a Journey Through a Life in the Outdoors.   Beginning this book 25 years ago, the main intention was to give something back to the grandfather who raised me.   He died when I had just turned 14 and was, at the time, quietly acting as a much needed father figure during a critical point in my life.  His passing left a hole in my heart that still exists today.
This is not a “how-to or where-to” work, but rather, a collection of memoirs spanning almost six decades.  The chapters are based on fly fishing and other outdoor endeavors, but are also heavily laced with reflections of a life made richer by the generosity of a grandfather who taught me to love the woods and streams.  Thoughts and moods experienced while fly fishing or wandering in deep woods produced written passages about conservation, land ownership, geology, human nature, Native Americans, history, forgotten burials, appreciating our natural world, memories of my grandfather, and the exploration of  remote backwoods areas for wild trout, grouse, and beautiful places.  Included are stories of being outdoors during the worst types of weather, which makes for memories we cannot forget.  These real experiences are told from the eyes, the ears, and the heart.  Several chapters contain personal tears and questions that will never be answered.   While there are a couple of chapters that go into the technology and methodology of fly fishing, the majority of the 25 chapters are “easy reading” for those with varied interests, especially readers who truly love nature and the magnetism of our streams and woods. Hopefully, this book will encourage readers to reflect upon special people in their lives.

Most of the book was written within the glow cast from antique Coleman lanterns while spending many nights alone on a remote mountainside.  My life has been richly rewarded by friends who have generously shared their time and knowledge.  Many are mentioned in the work but, regretfully, a few names may have inadvertently been left out.

Publisher:  Brushy Mountain Publishing, Swannanoa, NC (Leland and Andria Davis)
Editor: John Zimmerman
Artist: Jason Fleming
Endorsed by:  Squeak Smith, Gwen Veazey, and Jim Dean.
Chapters:  25
Numbered pages:  240
Roman numeral pages:  16
Format:  Paperback – 6 X 9 inches.

Book price: $15.  Shipping in padded envelope will be as follows:

Single copy / MEDIA MAIL:   add $3  for a total of  $18 for a single  copy.  (May take a week or more)

Single copy / PRIORITY  FLAT RATE:  add  $5  for a total of;   $20.             (normally 1 to 3 days)

Two copies / PRIORITY  FLAT RATE:   $15  + $15  +  $5 for a total of:  $35

Three copies / PRIORITY  FLAT RATE:   $15  + $15  +  $15  +  $5 for a total of:  $50

If purchasing  4  to  10 copies,  Flat Rate box will be used at $11.00 plus book costs.

Fly fishing stores:  Please call to discuss.

PAYMENT:  Please use personal checks, bank checks, or money orders.  I am not set up for taking charge cards or other payment methods.  To help me avoid errors as much as possible, books will be shipped upon receipt of payment and your mailing address.

Please make checks out to:    Bo Cash